Candidate Selection Process

Consultant Interviews and Presentation

After the “long list” of possible candidates has been developed, the Consultant, Researcher and Recruiter put their heads together to review and exchange all necessary information. Now it’s time for the Consultant to take ownership of the search. Painstakingly, the Consultant studies and compares the preliminary candidates, selecting the top 10 to 15candidates for interview.

The Consultant interviews are pivotal to the search process, and engages the Consultant's full range of resources and experience. Personal, face-to-face interviews are conducted with the candidates, probing their experience, skillsets, attitudes and aptitudes, leadership styles, business philosophies, and personal and professional goals. The candidate’s qualifications are validated against the specifications for the position, resulting in 3 to 5 highly qualified candidates for presentation to the client, along with a dossier and interview report, which includes verified academic credentials. Of course, the time frame required for a thorough search will vary with the requirements of the position. A typical interval from the date of engagement to presentation of final candidates averages 60 to 75 days.

When candidate finalists are selected by the employer, the Consultant schedules interview meetings between the client and candidates, performs reference checks, and presents a thorough and discreet employment reference check in a detailed, written report. The Consultant works together with the client in structuring an employment offer and negotiating an acceptance.

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