Code of Ethics

Jonas, Walters & Associates, Inc. will accept only those executive search assignments where there is a realistic probability of completing the search successfully; including, as necessary, the acceptance by a client of our firm’s recommendations regarding adjustment of the position specifications and compensation to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Jonas, Walters & Associates will establish a mutual understanding with the client at the outset of each assignment on objectives, approach, and fee arrangements.
  • Jonas, Walters & Associates will respect, with equal diligence, the confidentiality of candidate, client, and third party information
  • Jonas, Walters & Associates believes that thoroughly checking references is as much in a candidate’s best interests as in the client’s. Our firm will never facilitate a placement without its customary standard of discreet and comprehensive individual reference reports in written form.
  • Jonas, Walters & Associates will not, under any circumstances, accept payment for assisting an individual to find employment.
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