Integrated, Three-Stage Search Process

Jonas, Walters & Associates pioneered the original Three-Stage Search Process that is now widely utilized throughout the Executive Search industry. These three stages—Consulting, Research, Recruiting—integrate the specialized skills of three highly trained and experienced search professionals, Consultant, Researcher, Recruiter.

Stage One:  Consultation

The Three-Stage Search process begins and ends with the Consultant, who meets with your senior management, including Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Immediate Superior, and others pertinent to the assignment. Our Consultants are skilled at understanding and evaluating the requirements for your position, as well as the business philosophy, leadership style, and character of your enterprise. The Consultant prepares a "Position Specifications" document, which is submitted for your approval. The agreed-upon specifications form the standard by which all of the developed candidates are measured.

Stage Two:  Research

Taking direction from the Consultant, the Researcher assigned to the search assumes responsibility for Stage Two. This phase begins with the identification of organizations nationwide where qualified candidates are likely to be employed. Further research identifies the appropriate positions within these organizations, and finally the individuals performing in these positions. The number of potential contacts can range from 75 to 200 or more depending on the position, the industry, geographical requirements, and other considerations.

Stage Three:  Recruiting

The Researcher works together with the Recruiter to evaluate and prioritize the lengthy list of potential candidates. Through these initial phone or videoconference interviews, the Recruiter determines which candidates merit further investigation. Those who appear qualified and express an interest in the position are asked to submit supporting documentation, which provides further evidence for qualification. A well-managed recruiting process typically yields a broad preliminary base of 20-30 qualified and interested candidates.

Throughout the Recruiting Stage our client’s complete confidentiality is maintained.

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