Our Client Commitment

Jonas, Walters & Associates, Inc. stands behind our work. We make the following absolute and unprecedented commitments to all our clients:

If we fail to uncover something material in a candidate's background that we should have found, or misrepresented the candidate, resulting in inadequate performance on the job and making it necessary for the client to discharge the new employee within two years of hire, we will find a replacement candidate. There will be no additional cost, with the exception of reimbursement of our out-of-pocket expenses.

We do not reveal a client's identity to potential candidates or others until we have narrowed the field to a small number of qualified candidates who have a sincere interest in proceeding further.
We guarantee we will not recruit employees of the client organization/division for a period of three years following completion of the most recent search assignment. It is our policy NEVER to recruit individuals whom we have placed with our clients.

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