Superior, Professional Search Process Yields Superior, Professional Candidates

When you and your organization face the vacancy of a key position, there are a variety of means available for filling it. But for high-level executive, professional and specialized technical positions—positions that are vital to the sustained success of your enterprise—a retained executive search firm is the most sure-fire means for locating the best executive talent.

  1. What should you look for in a national executive search firm?
  2. A national perspective encompassing the ability and willingness to identify the best-suited candidates available anywhere, at any time.
  3. High professional and ethical standards, assuring you of confidentiality, honesty in all practices, and objectivity in all recommendations.
  4. A commitment to work exclusively on your behalf, never on behalf of the candidates. (This distinguishes executive search firms from employment agencies and contingency search firms.)
  5. Strong familiarity with the latest tools, techniques and methodologies, plus sound analytical and technical skills.
  6. Solid, sustained experience in executive search.

We suggest one additional criterion: We don't pretend that this criterion is objective. We believe we are the only national executive search firm to meet it. A three-stage search process that integrates the skills of three different professionals—Consultant, Researcher, Recruiter— assigned to each search engagement, the end product of which is the broadest possible search with a precisely focused result

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