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Why Retain a National Executive Search Firm

When a key position opens up in your organization, your first order of business is to determine which means is best for locating and recruiting executive talent—in-house talent acquisition, contingency search agency, or retained executive search firm. We suggest you make this decision based on how vital the vacant position is to your organization’s continued profitability and operating success. Project the value of the ideal job candidate on a return-on-investment basis. Then, consider the dividends of filling your position with the very best qualified candidate, not just the best from within your organization, not the best from within your region, but the very best-suited candidate among all those available throughout the nation.

Jonas, Walters & Associates has the nationwide search capabilities needed to afford you this dividend with superior certainty and efficiency. We deliver top performers who have the experience and skillsets to be successful in the position, and the leadership style and business philosophy that match your organization’s culture. The chemistry of our working relationship with you ultimately will be reflected within your organization, as a superior candidate becomes a superior producer.

In the final analysis, the credentials of a national executive search firm are only as impressive as the people conducting the search. Jonas, Walters & Associates is equally pleased to be evaluated on the basis of our highly experienced search professionals.

We look forward to providing you further details and answering your questions. Most of all, we look forward to learning about your business and how we can contribute to its progress. Feel free to contact Jonas, Walters & Associates, Inc., at no obligation.

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